In Book 3, Born Out of Time, the otherworldly civilization continues to struggle against the darkness that threatens their existence.  The Mephitic One, Sal-nae, continues to plague the innocent kinspeople.  They are warned by the Eternal twins, Ebon-nae and Hannah, that Sal-nae vows to completely annihilate the five Houses — the End War.


It is time for the fifth Mystic of 5, Raessa, to fulfill her Sacred Oath.  She vows to cleanse the Earth of the dark warriors.  With the support of the fourth Mystic of 5, Kaela, and Lilith, the sorceress, their combined mystical and magical powers confront the dark minions of Sal-nae in the Battle of the Blood Moon.


A dark secret known only by the Eternal twins could unravel during the Battle of the Blood Moonin favor of the Mephitic One and his dark warriors.  How many more lives will be sacrificed in this final confrontation to save humankind?


Chapter 5  “The End War”

Thaeri, second in command, watched the battle exercise and fumed at the flagrant performance of the young men and women.  He marched down to the practice field openly showing his disdain for their lackluster behavior.  “You lack the hunger to destroy our enemy.  You will not survive unless your desire to kill becomes ingrained in your essence.”  Thaeri eyed a boy who seemed uninterested in his reprimand or the exercise.  He confronted the inexperienced warrior, and demanded, “Give me your shield.”  The boy complied, anticipating a harsh rebuke.  Thaeri slammed the shield into his chest and the young warrior's knees buckled from the pain.  Thaeri turned and faced the untested recruits, saying, “All of you shame the warriors who died for the Previsma nation.  Learn from my demonstration.”  As he turned and faced the young man, his hand curled into a fist.  In a single fluid movement, Thaeri thrust his fist against the boy’s chest crushing his heart.  “Remove his body and continue the exercise.”

Chapter 10 “The Summoning”

When the Previsma leader entered the garden, his thoughts revealed his primal fear to Raessa.  “My eyes!  I cannot see,” he shouted.   Raessa’s mind probe took his sight and revealed to him the death he would endure.  The evil man crumbled to the ground and screamed, “Who are you?”


From the central core’s highest ledge, a voice answered, “I am Raessa, the fifth Mystic of 5.  Perhaps, you have heard the astonishing tales of the Eternal One’s chosen Mystics and their reason for existing.  Tell me, why do you harvest paradisics?  Explain your reason for growing deadly nightshade.” 


All eyes fixed on the captivating maiden.  The Harvest Moon shined through the open-air ceiling and cast a magnificent glow on the avenger.  They gasped at her aura and the glowing Sacred Amulet draped around her neck.  An older woman asked, “How do you know our plants are called paradisics?  Only our elders use that name.  You are too young to know our customs and our way of life.”  The old woman’s hostility intensified, “You will pay dearly for the destruction you have caused!  Come down here and tell us who you really are.”                 


When Raessa raised her hands, the Sacred Number 5 appeared on both palms.  Raessa smiled belligerently and cloaked herself.  A blue flame appeared in the midst of the Previsma and slowly formed a circle of fire.  The crowd backed away and watched the fire consume the poppies.


The old woman cried out again, “Where are you.  Show yourself!”  The powerful Mystic uncloaked, standing within the circle of fire.  Raessa looked directly at the vine-covered ledges; her hands swept the air and flames ignited the purple morning glories.   Sal-nae’s followers struggled to breathe as foul smoke filled their lungs.  The old woman pleaded, “Stop!  You are killing us.”

 “Old woman, I have waited almost a thousand years to avenge my kinpeople.    


Chapter 14 “Nemesis”

Ebon-nae’s pale, sad eyes swept the vista.  “The evening stars fade away in the Skyheaven and dawn heralds your arrival.  I wish you had been here during Homeland’s impressive yester years, “She sighed, “The ruins are a reminder of my failures.”


Hannah consoled her sister.  “You did not fail our kinpeople.  The heroic battles they fought against our brother’s blood-thirsty warriors will be remembered by Aludran descendants for a long measure of time.  Our essence will be everlasting.  We are stranded on Earth for a purpose.  The destruction of Aludra, and our passing doesn’t mean everything we are will be lost.”


Again, Ebon-nae sighed deeply, “Hannah, why have you brought so many warriors with you?”

“I am prepared to do what is necessary if Sal-nae refuses to stop his interference with this world’s people.”

“Will you give me an opportunity to sway our brother to an honorable path?”


Hannah’s outburst surprised her frail sister.  “Oh yes, I will give you time.  Time enough to realize your attempt is a fool’s errand.  Why do you believe there is good in this evil man?  He has destroyed the five Houses, leaving only a few survivors.  Why did you forsake your mystical gifts and give them to the fifth Mystic?  She is a mortal and will be unable to defend herself against his madness.  You have left yourself vulnerable.  Do you believe he will be forgiving?”


Ebon-nae shuddered, “Yes.  I still believe our brother has compassion for us.”

“Beloved sister, I weep for you.  Be truthful with me.  Why are you confronting this demon?  Nowhere in the written word of your Visions is this conflict mentioned.  What are you hiding from me?  Has our destiny changed?”