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In the year 5980 HE (4111 BCE), the essence of the Viskarae civilization evolved.

Throughout the millennia of their existence, dark ancestral anomalies reappeared in one of the three bloodlines. The sinister bloodline thirsted for control over the civilization’s destiny. Over the ages, warfare between the bloodlines continued as the light and the darkness fought to control the otherworldly nation.

The Viskarae’s first Shepherd tried to protect the nation’s mystical heritage and spiritual beliefs. His attempt to blend the three bloodlines into a cohesive society was a disaster.


The civilization’s continued existence depended upon 5 Mystics chosen by the Eternal One, Ebon-nae. During the five millennial battles, a chosen Mystic vowed to cleanse the nation of dark variants within the blended bloodlines.


In the year 9898HE (103 BCE), tragic climatic events compel the Viskarae kinpeople to isolate themselves from outsiders. Isolation provided the serenity and freedom to expand innate ancestral talents to an unearthly level. Isolation provided their dark twisted heritage an opportunity to fracture the three kindred bloodlines. Once again, the ancestral battle for supremacy reignites in “The Sacred Oath Chronicles Book 1 – Sway of the Moon.”


Chapter 3 – “The Blood Moon”

… The Spirit Realm’s surreal surroundings startled her. Everywhere she looked a blue haze blurred her vision. Kaela concentrated on the Realm’s imagery and focused her thoughts on locating the Shepherd. When the haze vanished, she stepped further into the Realm. The scene she witnessed appalled and angered her. Unafraid, she did not hesitate and rushed toward the horrific battle, shouting to her beloved teacher, “Shepherd, you are not alone, I am with you.”


… The fourth of 5 chosen Mystics did not retreat from the beast. Her amulet flashed briefly, generating within Kaela the seed of her mystic powers. She raised her arms to defend against its foul, rank breath. An unearthly barrier surrounded her, blocking the fiend’s fiery attempt to destroy her. She pointed at the evil being exposing the palm of her right hand. “Your Realm awaits you, demon. You do not belong here.” Her lavender eyes stared into its cursed soul.


… He recognized Kaela’s voice but the spirit body standing before him reflected the image of a mythic maiden described in the Viskarae’ chronicles. “Kaela is it really you?” “Yes, Shepherd. Your night journey is over. Please, take my hand and I will lead you back.” He reached for her hand and hesitated. He spied the divine number 5 on her right palm. Long ago, he had foreseen a maiden with the divine number 5 inscribed on her right palm. The vision and its meaning had been lost in his memories. He grasped her hand, feeling her mystical strength flow into his spirit body.


… “The Blood Moon eclipse caused your night journey’s difficulty. Cursed souls infiltrated the Spirit Realm. Do you remember who guided your spirit body to the unspoiled land?” she asked. “Yes Kaela, I do remember my guide. It was Dahnaeus, the first Shepherd of the Viskarae. He directed me to the right pathway. How do you know of him?” “He appeared to me while you slumbered. He said your night journey had not been completed. He showed me the way to our new homeland. Shepherd, your quest is complete. The omens you envisioned were for both of us.”


Larisa’s War Chant

In the subdued morning light, Elder Larisa knelt before the Sacred Symbol. She had spent many hours in prayerful meditation before the Sacred Symbol. Today, her somber morning incantation had neither prayers of praise for Ebon-nae or thankful celebration for the blessings received from her. Blood-red tears flowed from Larisa’s copper-flecked eyes, spilling onto the lustrous jet-black surface. The Elder rose before the Sacred Symbol, extending her arms toward the Skyheaven. The holy warrior entered the mystical state of challenge, performing a melodic ancient chant to Ebon-nae. The last time an Elder sang the age-old battle chant was more than two millennia ago.


“In the name of Ebon-nae, the one without an equal,
I invoke the strength and the might of the Eternals.
In the name
of Ebon-nae, the great exalted spirit,
I invoke the anger and the rage of the Eternals.
In the name of Ebon-nae, the sovereign of the skyheaven,
In the name of Ebon-nae, spiritual guide of the 5,
I invoke your angels of war.
Let the evil be slain!”


Larisa stepped from the platform. She wiped the tears of regret from her cheeks. When Sahgi approached her, she asked him, “Have I done the right thing? I have betrayed the Shepherd’s hope of reconciliation. I have countermanded our Guardian’s order of passive vigilance. Will Palladen understand my reasons? I fear we may be exiled from our House and nation.”